Medication Packing

Medication packing makes taking regular medication safer and easier

Our medication packing service gives people taking prescribed medications the peace of mind that comes with a sealed, tamper-proof blister pack separated by day and time.

Medications (tablets and capsules for example) are packed into blister packs clearly labelled per day and time, Sunday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening for example, depending on your requirements.

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Who is medication packing for?

Medication packing can work for anyone taking regular medication! Whether you take one medication or multiple daily, it is a handy service and helps to improve compliance. It can be a permanent solution or short term option for travelling. What’s more, it can even be useful for those taking non-prescription medication such as vitamins.

How does medication packing work?

Our pharmacy team will place your medication into either a labelled blister or sachet pack according to your requirements.

Your medication pack will contain information such as:

  • Your name 
  • Pharmacy and/or doctor details 
  • Names and descriptions (shape, colour) of your medicines 
  • Directions for each medicine 
  • Date and day of the week 
  • Time of each dose

Medication packing aims to make taking regular medication safer and easier.

Medication Packing - FAQs

Medication packing is the process of preparing and organising medications into individual or multi-dose packages for proper administration and patient compliance of doctor instructions.

At Complete Care Pharmacies, we can pack your medication into blister or sachet packs.

A blister pack is a type of medication packing that consists of individual compartments (blister cells) sealed with a foil or plastic covering.

Each compartment holds a single dose of medication, making it easy for patients to keep track of their medication schedule.

It also means that patients can see which doses they’ve previously taken to ensure they’re on track.

A sachet pack refers to a small, sealed packet or pouch that contains a single dose of medication or other healthcare products. Sachet packs are designed to provide convenient and precise dosing for patients.

Child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent young children from accessing medications easily, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion.

Complete Care can advise on this if you have young children.

When designing medication packaging, factors like ease of use, readability of labels, appropriate size, child-resistant features, and adherence aids (e.g., colour-coding or reminder systems) should be taken into account to enhance medication safety and patient compliance.


Medication packing fees:

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