Medical Certificates

Get a medical certificate from your pharmacist

If you’re sick and need leave from work, many employers require a certificate from a health professional, such as a medical certificate or carer’s leave certificate.

Complete Care is able to provide these certificates if you’re too unwell to perform your job.

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How do medical certificates work at Complete Care?

Our Pharmacists will need to assess your symptoms to provide a medical certificate. This will include the recommended time off work, including dates.

You can collect your certificate in store or we can email it to you.

This goes for symptoms assessment too. You can present in person or get in touch with us over the phone.

Complete Care also stocks a huge range of medication to help you get back to performing your tasks as quickly as possible.

Medical Certificates - FAQs

A medical certificate, also known as a doctor’s certificate or sick note, is a document issued by a healthcare professional to certify a patient’s medical condition, illness, or injury.

It provides evidence of the patient’s inability to attend work, school, or other responsibilities due to health reasons.

No, not solely. The time you need off work is based on professional medical analysis by our trained staff.

You can discuss your needs and we’ll likely be able to come to a period of time off work that sees you rest and get better as per your needs.

At Complete Care Pharmacies, certificates can be issued by Pharmacists or by Nurse Practitioners, depending on your requirements. We can issue medical certificates following a telehealth consult to assess your symptoms for people who cannot attend our pharmacy.

A medical and/or carer’s certificate usually includes the patient’s or carer’s name, the patient’s address, the date of the assessment, the period of recommended leave or rest, the pharmacist’s signature and contact information of the issuing pharmacy.

These things can vary per condition.

All information on medical certificates is treated as confidential and with respect, meaning it’s at your preference with whom you disclose the information.

Medical certificates are typically required when you’re unable to attend work or school due to illness or injury.

Employers, educational institutions, and insurance companies often request medical certificates as proof of the legitimate need for time away from regular commitments..

Pharmacists can issue a certificate for 1-2 days depending on the circumstances. They can not back-date certificates.

If you require a certificate for longer than 2 days or a back-dated certificate, then book with our on-site Nurse Practitioners.


  • Pharmacist certificate: $30
  • Nurse Practitioner certificate: View fees here

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