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Specialised Lactation Consultant Support at Complete Care

Complete Care’s specialised lactation consultant service provides guidance and support to mothers on their breastfeeding journey for a healthier and happier start to motherhood. 

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Our experts can assist mothers in the following areas:

  • Assessing breastfeeding difficulties
  • Provide education and counselling
  • Support breastfeeding initiation
  • Help with common breastfeeding challenges
  • Address concerns about breastfeeding and medication
  • Provide additional support for mothers

Our lactation specialists – Anne-Maree Wheller and Louise Klug

Anne-Maree and Louise are both experienced and passionate about offering support to mothers in the community.

Lactation consultants help mothers with breastfeeding by providing guidance, support and resources.

Through education and hands-on assistance, our lactation consultants help ensure a positive and successful breastfeeding experience for both mothers and their babies.

Anne-Maree Wheller and Louise Klug

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Lactation Consultants - FAQs

More information about lactation and Lactation Consultants

A Lactation Consultant is a healthcare professional with specialised training and expertise in providing support and guidance to breastfeeding mothers.

They assist with addressing and supporting breastfeeding challenges and promoting successful breastfeeding experiences.

New mothers may consider seeking assistance from a Lactation Consultant if they encounter difficulties with breastfeeding, experience pain or discomfort, have concerns about their milk supply, or encounter other issues.

Lactation Consultants offer a range of services, including breastfeeding assessments, personalised care plans, education on proper breastfeeding techniques, addressing common breastfeeding challenges, and emotional support for mothers.

No, Lactation Consultants can work with both first-time mothers and experienced mothers who may encounter new breastfeeding challenges with each baby. Our lactation consultants also work with expecting mothers.

Yes, Lactation Consultants can provide support and guidance for breastfeeding throughout the entire breastfeeding journey, including weaning and introducing solid foods.



  • Mothers and babies under 7 weeks old – FREE (bulk billed)
  • Mothers and babies over 7 weeks old – current bulk bill fee

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