Tailored Medications through Compounding: Your Customised Path to Complete Care

Complete Care is proud to offer compounding products. Compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a tailored medication.

You can either upload your prescription or order one of our over-the-counter compounded products. See details below.

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Compounding - FAQs

Pharmacy compounding is the process of customising medications to meet the specific needs of patients.

It involves combining, mixing, or altering pharmaceutical ingredients to create personalised medications that are not commercially available.

Pharmacy compounding can help when a patient requires a medication that is not available in the desired strength, dosage form, or contains certain inactive ingredients that the patient may be allergic to.

Compounding can be applied to various types of medications, including creams and ointments, capsules and oral liquids, and many more.

Trained and licensed pharmacists, or pharmacy technicians under the supervision of a pharmacist, are responsible for performing pharmacy compounding.

At Complete Care, all compounding is completed under strict adherence to guidelines and regulations.

Many people opt for compounded medications when they have allergies to specific ingredients in commercial products, require custom dosage strengths, or when a medication has been discontinued by manufacturers.


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