Minor Ailments

We offer a pharmacist-led minor ailments service across all Complete Care pharmacies. This means that for any minor ailment, even if it’s not listed on our website, you can schedule an appointment with a pharmacist to receive personalised health solutions.

If the concern falls outside our scope of practice, we’ll refer you to our Nurse Practitioners or to a GP/Emergency service.

At Complete Care pharmacies, you can receive guidance and care for common ailments without needing a GP appointment. When you visit, the pharmacist can advise and treat common health issues. They can also help recognise and manage more severe conditions if necessary.

To use our minor ailment service, you can visit our store and talk to one of our friendly Complete Care pharmacists or book online.

Your consultation will always be with a qualified pharmacist in a confidential area within the pharmacy.

What is a Minor Ailment?

Minor ailments are slight health problems or symptoms that people often experience. Examples include colds, flu, sore throats, minor cuts, insect bites, headaches, nausea, hay fever, and diarrhoea. If appropriate, the pharmacist might suggest consulting your GP or another medical professional and refer you for an appointment.